July 27, 2011

Scott Walker, Wisconsin's Evangelist-in-Chief

The current Government of Wisconsin's website takes you here:
The ultimate aim of Care Net and its network of pregnancy centers is to share the love and truth of Jesus Christ in both word and deed. As a result, the hearts of women and men are being changed by Christ's love.
Alabama of the North, indeed.

h/t Capital Times.


Anonymous said...

That's Wississippi, Tom. Were you using a specific article mentioning Alabama? The state on the ground of the protests is Wississippi. I have some pictures if you'd like (I'll send them if you'd like). But, point taken.

illusory tenant said...

Alabama of the North is how the Wall Street Journal described Wisconsin's outlandish (and non-existent) climate of frivolous litigation, but Wississippi works too.