July 14, 2011

Esenberg "carried ... feet first" from Capitol

Figuratively, at least:
You know, I was befuddled by the professor's opinion. Assuming that the professor got the map and the data at the same time we all did, assuming he had ready experts who could manipulate the GIS data and what they call the geoshapes, it is astounding to me that the professor, with such superficial information — and assuming the information is the same information I have — it is astounding to me that that professor could come in here and render a legal opinion on such a flimsy basis. As a responsible lawyer, adhering to the ethical standards that govern my trade, I could not sit here and give you a legal opinion because I don't know. And I'm telling you, you don't know either.
Ouch. That's got to leave a mark, as the kids say.

Ubiquitous Republican-for-hire lawyer James Troupis despatched sometime co-counsel Rick Esenberg to Madison yesterday to pronounce definitively that the WISGOP plan "is simply not vulnerable" to legal challenge and that "any challenge to the plan would be almost frivolous."

Funny, because it was none other than the team of James Troupis and Rick Esenberg that filed an "almost frivolous" suit on March 1 in Oconto, the misrepresented fruits of which became the basis for Troupis's notorious legal memorandum advising Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald to have apprehended and forcibly conveyed by law enforcement a seven-months-pregnant woman into the Capitol building.

Along with 13 other of Senator Fitzgerald's political rivals, for all of whose arrests Sen. Fitzgerald had issued warrants, following which Troupis promptly invoiced the State the sum of twenty-six thousand, nine-hundred-and-fifty-five dollars. Meanwhile Rick Esenberg continues to be presented as a disinterested academic observer in the local press.
I'm trying to put, at least in perspective to me, I just want to make sure I have the right person, the same professor who comments on Christian radio, conservative radio talk shows, and blogging? — Wisconsin State Senator Jon Erpenbach
And Fox. Yes, that's our Prof. Rick of Marquette University Law School.


gnarlytrombone said...

that's our Prof. Rick

"the fireside equities are muddled and it lies ill in the mouths of legislators who fled the state to avoid exercising their constitutional responsibilities to suggest otherwise"

Haughty to the humble and humble to the haughty, as Jefferson Davis would say.

illusory tenant said...

At least the professor has since retreated to "constitutional responsibilities" from "plain and positive duty" for purposes of his (disinterested academic) condemnations of the 14 Democrats.

Frankly said...

gnarlytrombone is mistaken in thinking being elected to defend the best interests of the people of Wisconsin means not having the courage to make a strategic retreat to give them time so see the blatant evil they were duped into electing.