July 18, 2011

Candidate alleges conspiracy to commit defamation

That's a new one.

Hopefully it makes more sense than "Vanderleest doc 4."
VanderLeest's attorney Robert Gerald Lorge did say the suit would ask for millions of dollars in punitive damages. "That's the only way to stop these low-funded political organizations," said Lorge.
Well hello there, SLAPP.


Mike said...

Is that the Republic of Wisconsin that is going to enforce the judgment?

illusory tenant said...

People will stand not for it, and neither will I.

Mike said...

Ok 65-35 in this race, in spite of the fact he is not guilt.

OT, it appears Elizabeth Murdoch is being staged to take the reins at News Corp. She did a fundraiser for Obama and is a mortal enemy of Roger Ailes, chief of Fox "News". Pass the popcorn.