November 9, 2010

Now Walker wants existing Talgo orders canceled

"We know what needs to be done to try to get out of a deep hole. First you have to start digging." — Ron Johnson
Just the other day, governor-elect Scott Walker made overtures to the Spanish rail manufacturer Talgo, which has set up shop in Milwaukee, urging them to remain here despite Walker's opposition to the proposed high speed line connecting Milwaukee and Madison.

The idea is that Talgo would receive contracts to manufacture the train sets running between Wisconsin's two largest cities. In the meantime, Talgo has orders from the Oregon Department of Transportation for two trains running between Portland and Eugene.

That line is likewise part of the federal government's High Speed Intercity Passenger Rail Program. The Wisconsin governor-elect's latest bold move is to urge Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood to scrap the national high speed rail program in its entirety.

That is, according to Walker's proposal, the trains Talgo is building for Oregon would be canceled as well. Last week Scott Walker was massaging Talgo, but this morning he wants to cut its sales in half.

Scott Walker campaigned on promises to deep-six the train, and to "create" 250,000 jobs in Wisconsin. Walker hasn't even assumed office yet, and he's already a few thousand of those jobs in the hole.



gnarlytrombone said...

I really haven't followed Gov. Elect Trainwreck outside of Jay & capper posts. But I imagine it fits a pattern we'll see much more of: 1) get blindsided by own incompetence, 2) flop around like a beached carp 3) recover with maximum belligerence, fulfilling the Sykes testosterone quotient and garnering attention capital for next campaign (which may come sooner than people think).

If only the WisDems weren't battered and broke. The spot practically writes itself.

illusory tenant said...

RoJo was right about one thing.

Heraldblog said...

Good Gawd, what an embarrassment. Is this what it means to live in a Red State?

blurondo said...

"...add 250,000 jobs in four years? That is 177 new jobs every day, including weekends."
The math is provided by Fighting

Jason Haas said...

Heraldblog: I dunno; Dallas, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona have commuter rail in place.