November 22, 2010

Internet troll reproves internet trolls

The Journal-Sentinel's right-wing agony aunt Patrick McIlheran today told readers, "Go back to Mommy's basement and let the adults talk."

All you rabid wing-nuts, though, pull up a chair to my moral wisdom.*

* I don't suppose it would do any good to remind Mr. McIlheran that there is plenty of YHWH-sanctioned immorality in his Book as well.

eta: The proponents of this charter school would well be advised to familiarize themselves with the findings of Kitzmiller v. Dover.


Display Name said...

Even if we swallowed Paddy's assumption whole (that a majority of West Benders would welcome this return to the revered values of the Golden Age of Television), why should we shy away from the debate about how morals and values should be taught in public-funded institutions, and whether Christian-flavored history is the only way that can do that? Why do they always severing Islam from the Judeo-Christian family tree?

A link to the blog post in question.

illusory tenant said...

McIlheran's own smug haughtiness on the topic far surpasses that of his perceived enemies, is what I find amusing.