October 1, 2010

Ron Johnson reveals first order of business

Fire a couple hundred Wisconsin scientists
Funding for research on embryonic stem cells, Ron Johnson added, "would be top on the list for cuts."*
Because the UW Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center's research is not both certain and 100% proven, I don't need to go any further.

Said Ron Johnson, visionary Man of Science.

And it's bad for business.

Read that article about clinical trials on spinal cord injuries conducted by a free market pharmaceutical company using a therapy developed from discoveries made at the University of Wisconsin, keeping in mind that the candidate Ron Johnson concurrently inveighs against health care reform, on the grounds it interferes with the research and development of cutting edge techniques and procedures.

That interference is the "greatest assault on [his] Freedom in [his] lifetime," candidate Johnson has regularly been known to declare.

Out on the trail, Ron Johnson often tells the story of his daughter's successful recovery from heart surgery, and cites those very grounds. So why would Ron Johnson promise to prevent these sufferers of severe spinal cord injuries from enjoying a similar opportunity?

Not only that but actually have it "be top on the list for cuts"?

* This is the very last sentence in a 20-paragraph AP report.


Clutch said...

So why would Ron Johnson promise to prevent those sufferers of severe spinal cord injuries from enjoying a similar opportunity?

Tough one. Hmmm. Because Martin Luther opposes it?

illusory tenant said...

Odds are low. Only the atheists and agnostics could correctly identify him.

Clutch said...

Huh. Quakers, then? WI's big Quaker country, I understand.

Free Lunch said...

Clearly, Johnson has no idea what science is. He also appears to know almost nothing of the history of medical research in this country.

Anonymous said...

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Max B said...

You'd think as an accountant, RonJon would be able to add up the jobs, (well-paying jobs too!) the taxes, the stopper effect on the brain drain, the income to the U and the state, etc. . . .

Apparently the man's ideology has clouded his ability to add things up.

You'd think as a manufacturer, he'd be able to see the opportunities of having this top notch research in our state.