October 11, 2010

"Divisive" Ron Johnson "a nightmare" for schools

When, during the first U.S. Senate debate in Milwaukee recently, Mr. Johnson used my name as an example of him working across ideological lines to get things done, I was more than surprised ...
Len Herricks, President of the Oshkosh Education Association

Somebody get PolitiFact on that one, willya. Ron Johnson was taken out of context. He was responding to a question about the Senate's constitutional roles of advising on and consenting to the president's executive and judicial branch nominations (seriously, he was*).

More: "I felt I was duped by him."

* Johnson also claimed he's been carrying around and studying a pocket Constitution for all of his life, even though he told the Rock River Patriots in June he'd only read it three or five times since Dick Morris urged him to run for the Senate as the token millionaire.

The Rock River Patriots couldn't believe their ears when candidate Ron Johnson informed them, "It is not an easy document to read." "It's not that long," one of the RRPs retorted. That famed encounter was the last of Ron Johnson's Tea Party appearances, incidentally.

Talk about a nightmare.

What I'd like to know is why in the name of Robert Heron Bork, when somebody who's been studying the Constitution for all of his life is asked about the United States Senate's role in judicial confirmations, he answers by rambling away about the Oshkosh school board?

(Nobody asked him about Charles Murray, although they should have.)

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Anonymous said...

rojo said he's not against unemployment insurance . i wonder if he ever appeared at an unemploymnet hearing for his company and said something contrary. those hearings are recorded and a recording can be obtained through the hearing office in appleton.