September 2, 2010

Dave Westlake now defeated: Murdoch paper

That was quick.

The Wall Street Journal's September 15 issue hits the stands today

The Wall Street Journal's right-wing editorial pages have long been a leading expert source in Wisconsin judicial politics as well, predicting several years ago a terrifyingly Alabamian tsunami of product liability litigation in the Badger State which, uh, never actually happened.

Observers suggested the WSJ's mandarins may have mistaken video footage of Ron Johnson at the Republican Party convention last May for the September 14 primary. In the footage, a Johnson aide is shown tearing down a 'Dave Westlake for Senate' political free speech campaign poster while Johnson pulls down one of Terrence Wall's.

Johnson's campaign subsequently claimed the pair were rendering freelance janitorial services — just helping out with the tidying up.

A spokesperson confirmed no union jobs were displaced to Macau.

Since that time, Ron Johnson has been touring Wisconsin complaining that his own personal Freedoms are under government attack and that the Communist Chinese "climate for business investment is far more certain ... than it is in the U.S. here."

The Chairman of the Party Reince Priebus issued a decree that all discussion of Ron Johnson's bizarre proclamations must cease immediately [Need to clarify he is Republican Party chairman — ed.].

Earlier: Dave Westlake concedes solar system only 13 days young


Grant said...

the Communist Chinese

Kinda sorta listening to Joy Cardin this morning, I heard that one of the GOPSen hopefuls has suggested "getting jobs on farms" as a solution to chronic urban unemployment. Hey, we've got the forward; all we need's the great leap.

Grant said...

Whoop, there he is, extolling the values of the rural proletariat.