September 2, 2010

Dave Westlake: This week in Bible physics

Tea Party favorite Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Dave Westlake finally emerged from contemplative seclusion yesterday, and he's reportedly going for the wing-nut gusto:
When asked if the Earth was around 6,000 years old, as some creationists believe, Westlake said, "That's probably a general timeline. There are very solid supporting evidence [sic] out there, or data out there, that shows that it's very reasonable to expect that it's not nearly as old as science says it is."
Let's have it then.

Earlier, Westlake had been endorsed by Joe the Plumber. One of Westlake's former rivals, Terrence Wall, caused havoc in February when he told a fundamentalist Christian teevee station the Universe was "billions of years" old. Mr. Wall received an irate telephone call.

He was eventually forced to withdraw from the race. Westlake battles Ron "Sunspots" Johnson in the September 14 Wisconsin primaries.

Ron Johnson's own special scientific theories received emphatic support through a letter to the editor published in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel last Tuesday from one Nils-Axel Morner, who "claims to be an expert in 'dowsing,' the practice of finding water, metals, gemstones etc. through the use of a Y-shaped twig."

As Noah of Ark fame said to the Argentinosauruses, "Oy vey iz mir."


PastorJack said...

Is it good political commentary to finf a person does not agree with evolution but agrees with creation?
I fail to see the humor.
Should now all the voters who have a spiritual belief system realize that if they don't vote for Westlake they might be voting for a person with no thoughts about God?
I will always choose the Godly candidate even if you think it funny.

illusory tenant said...

They all say they're Godly.

Free Lunch said...

Of course they say they're godly. After all, they know that anyone who believes in a 6,000-year-old earth will believe any old silly thing.