September 1, 2010

Joe the Plumber in betrayal of actual plumber

Item: Dave Westlake scores key Wurzelbacher endorsement

Isn't Mr. Wurzelbacher aware there's a real plumber in the race?
After graduating from Milwaukee Trade and Technical High School in 1984, I got a job driving a truck for a plumbing company. I got my apprenticeship, earned my journeyman's license and eventually earned my Master's Plumbing license. I've worked in the construction trade my whole life.
Speaking as a sometime UA brother, I like that guy already.

On teh web: Dave Westlake.


Paul said...

His positions are less crazy than RJ's, but not very well thought out. He sounds like a guy a person would like to have a few beers with. Remember when we elected a president on that qualification?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if his positions are any more or less crazy than ROJO, but I can say that Dave Westlake has been great company at Drinking Liberally, not once, but twice!

It may or may not be notable that I have yet to have a beer with Senator Feingold. Some day...

Daniel said...

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