August 7, 2010

Why Elizabeth M. Ackland?

Because two words: Michelle Malkin.

All props (pun intended) to Mike Mathias.

Local radio jackanapes Charlie Sykes* has reportedly also spent the last three days trying to get past the busy signal at 411-273-0880.

But for a good laugh, call:
Sykes's tragicomic protégé Scott Walker in thespian denial affair
h/t Cody O.

* And it's LexisNexis, not "Lexus-Nexus." I heard Chas. Sykes was a magazine editor once upon a time, but he can barely edit a blog post.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Chuck has a lot of time on his hands. Wonder is he is trying to find Chef Michael's restaurant in the Canine Cuisine commercial

illusory tenant said...

"Share your own Unforgettable Tail storybook."

Seems a little personal.

capper said...

Two words to show Sykes to be the ultimate hypocrite: Liz Woodhouse

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!