July 9, 2010

Conservative suspicious of Washington County DA

Item: Governor Doyle appoints Washington County judges

Wonders a follower of one of Wisconsin's top conservative blogs:
What was DA Martens' relationship with Doyle when he was Attorney General? The people should know more about [him].
Yes, of course, it's another Jim Doyle conspiracy.

Todd Martens is a Republican, albeit without the silly "social conservative" trappings. He was the Washington County DA for ten years, and an ADA for nearly ten years before that. If you don't know enough about him by now, then you've forfeited your right to inquire.

He'll make a first-rate circuit court judge, as did David Resheske.


itain'tmebabe said...

I provided some commentary at the blog that you cited above,re: Judicial appointee James Pouros. A prolific contributor to Republican candidates over the years, early supporter of Glenn Grothman. However, James Pouros was on the City of West Libary Board at one time (and did not get reappointed due to the gay book controversy).

If one would dig back far enough,I'm sure that at some point Mark Belling labled him a "screaming Liberal".

Well, I'm sure that I'll get ripped a new one for interjecting a response that doesn't mesh with the usual dialect.

xoff said...

The JS comments are priceless. <a Dumb and dumber.