July 8, 2010

Dendrochronologist McIlheran busted, skewered

Never mind McIlheran's woebegone spluttering (although it's good for a laugh if you'd been following the nut-right's "Climategate" scam — McIlheran disgorged its swill for weeks) and go to the comments.
What's the most disappointing about this post, though, is this squirming excuse that you were mostly just "linking" to ill-founded opinions — as if hyperlinks to the Telegraph and Daily Mail just drop themselves into your blog. I think your unnamed nemesis can be excused for thinking that you share the same antipathy for scientists as your compadres, when you so clearly enjoy stitching their screeds into equally mocking, belittling and endlessly sarcastic entries of your own.
Nailed it.
Ugh. Even now, the zombie lies keep resurfacing. (How long did it take you, Patrick, to admit that "hide the decline" did not mean "cover up a decline in temperatures," as you claimed in print?)
I recall it was rather a long time.

But it's that the "award-winning" McIlheran wasn't able to admit it because he didn't know what the hell any of it meant. And even when he did figure it out, he just went soldiering forward, in spite of the "hide the decline" thing being all they had. Got to keep the Bradleys and the Heartland Institute pleased, I guess, that's the main thing.

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