July 9, 2010

Brookfield Unitarians pose mortal threat

Your latest Second Amendment heroine.

I suspect the sight of a woman strapped with a sidearm at a Unitarian service was even less believable than the Holy Ghost.

What I know of the Unitarian congregations around here, the likelihood of needing to exercise self-defense against them is zero.
"Truthfully, we found it very intimidating," especially in light of the 2005 shootings at a church service at a Brookfield hotel that left eight people dead, and a 2008 shooting at a Unitarian church in Tennessee that killed two people.
Unitarians are also up on their current events.

However, soon we'll have photos of churches with "No Guns" signs outside, which could be useful to a variety of rhetorical arguments.
[A] guest minister was speaking about civil rights.
Just not the same ones Ms. Sutterfield had in mind. I get wanting to intimidate crooks, but I don't get wanting to intimidate Unitarians.

eta: WTMJ-4 video. Sutterfield hoped to "engender discussion" and won't return to the church unless they let her bring her 9mm Glock.

Some other "prominent gun buffs."

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capper said...

Curious point of observation: On TV, she did not want to be identified, and WTMJ honored that. However, her name is plastered all over the MJS article. A little late to worry about concealing one's identity, I would say.