July 9, 2009

A classic creationist dimwittery

The irony, of course — and there's always irony when creationism is involved — is that she's talking about uranium mining, and it’s through the radioactive decay of uranium that we know the Earth is billions of years old. And she also praises technological achievements!
Via Bad Astronomy.

On Independence Day, I expressed gratitude to America especially for its musical traditions, uniquely original genres, and immortal practitioners* (although for some reason the relevant Wikipedia article fails to mention one of the immortal-est, Richard Rodgers).

But I neglected to thank it for creationists. So a belated thanks, America, for creationists. And in particular, the elected ones.

* I'd highlight the incalculable contributions made by African-Americans, but that would most probably make me a racist.

eta: The coveted creationist/racist combo platter:

Fox & Friends — White Americans and other species.

Yes, Kilmeade actually said "species" and "pure genes."

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