October 28, 2011

Do you live in fear, Jeff Fitzgerald?

In this video clip, Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald explains why allowing handguns inside the State Capitol is an awesome plan:
I would rather have law abiding citizens that go through a course be able to protect themselves than just have somebody up in the gallery that would be able to do currently what they are. We've heard from the other side of the aisle they want this building to be open and for the public to be there so if that's the case we also want people to be able to come in and protect themselves.
Protect themselves from what, he won't say. And what the people in the gallery are doing currently is holding small signs bearing text from the Constitution. So CCW is for people to protect themselves against that, apparently. Therefore does the Second Amendment guarantee you may wander around the Capitol building carrying a concealed, loaded handgun but not one whose barrel is inscribed with the First Amendment.

Jeff Fitzgerald's illogic is emblematic of conservative Republicans' attempt to accurately characterize the people of Madison: the WISGOP can't decide whether their adversaries are pot smoking hippies or violent psychopaths. It depends what day it is, and which is more convenient.

Jeff Fitzgerald is currently running for the United States Senate where, it's true, he would make the complementary bookend to Ron Johnson.

h/t @Progress2day

Oh, and according to Department of Administration Secretary and sometime Royal Estimator of Damages Mike Huebsch, handguns are not allowed in State mental health facilities, so you can't carry where there are actual psychopaths, but only where there are GOP-fantasized ones.

Moreover, Mike Huebsch justifies the new weapons policy by pointing at Wisconsin's "strong hunting culture and sporting heritage." I suspect most places share those traditions, but what they have to do with concealed, loaded handguns in public galleries at the State Capitol is anyone's guess.

While I admit to not fully comprehending the gun culture, I fail to see how armed citizens — complete with spare clips of ammo, as I read Secretary Huebsch's official directive — monitoring the deliberations of elected officials are a flattering reflection on responsible shooters.


Display Name said...

Either they're going to start searching people's pockets for hidden copies of the Constitution, or they're going to disallow open carry if the Second Amendment is inscribed on the gun.

Anonymous said...

When I think about guns being allowed -- even encouraged -- in the Capitol, the phrase "Disgruntled civil servant" keeps popping into my mind for some reason.

gnarlytrombone said...

law abiding citizens

I wonder if this includes those who rewrite the law ex post facto.

illusory tenant said...

Or have it rewritten for them by partisan judges.

CJ said...

Next year's headline: Ron Blair shoots the balllon.

Display Name said...

Only if "disgruntled civil servant" includes elected officials doing their Major T. J. "King" Kong impressions.

gnarlytrombone said...

"Do you live in fear?" Lol.

CJ said...

A little, slightly topical Friday fun: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsDFxmbjZ7I

Anonymous said...

In re: "strong hunting culture and sporting heritage." DOA program to replace Savory Sundays in the basement cafeteria. Squirrels and pigeons nervous.


blurondo said...

With rights come responsibility. Anyone earning a permit should be required to have a sizable liability insurance policy.