October 14, 2011

Another merit badge for the Eagle Scout

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who forced public workers to pay more for their pensions as part of a push to curb union rights, broke his campaign promise to pay the full cost of his own State pension immediately after taking office in January.
AP: Lt. Gov. Kleefisch made same pledge, also didn't pay as promised

What else is new.


Ron R said...

Union privileges, not rights. PRIVILEGES.

illusory tenant said...

Yes, rights.

Anonymous said...

Best case scenario (and an entirely likely one given how this administration has to keep worrying about what's coming down the pipe next due to other poor decisions made is they dropped the ball and just didn't get it done.

But they just can't concede even that. And then its what they don't do next that is so galling, rather than just a mea culpa, we get this this half-a**ed 'equals out' argument by Werwie--he might as well say, "The Governor did not have sex with this woman, Miss Lewinsky."

But maybe Werwie's not busy (one imagines him sitting in his own little spot in the exec wing, being the recipient of the John Doe immunity idol prize, and everybody gives him a wide berth) so while not doing a resume update he says this.

C'mon-- just say it: "Yep, that's our error, the media for keeping our feet to the fire, WE HAVE TO EAT IT ON THIS ONE."

Walker's response on worker changes he never campaigned on is, "Well, if you didn't see this coming, duh...".

So when he does NOT follow thru on a specific commitment he did campaign on, well, one simply has to conclude, "Well, if we didn't see this coming, duh..."

Anonymous said...

Ok, I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt due to oversight, but after further review of articles detailing how much pension has been an issue for Walker while he was county exec, its clear he's pretty obsessed with every public employee's pension obligation, including his own. Stepping out now with a big "Publisher's Clearinghouse Winner" type check and making a public statement that he screwed this up would be nice, but he won't as its just too good for future campaign fodder.

Mike said...

It's only a matter of time before he pulls back on the 250k jobs and says (just like Rick Scott recently did) that his job is to make sure Wisconsin doesn't loose jobs, not create them.

illusory tenant said...

September unemployment figures should be out early next week.