October 1, 2010

[This headline deleted for appropriate decorum]*

Who couldn't see this coming (raise both your hands please):
Footage captured at the Osthoff Resort in Elkhart Lake last year shows the Wood County district attorney masturbating** while viewing pornography in a public area, an employee fired for reporting the conduct said in an interview Friday.
Obviously it was not simply a video of a guy sitting motionless in front of a computer that the resort staff was watching "for fun."
Note to self: Don't ever sit in the chairs in the business center at the Osthoff. Used to be all we worried about under the tables was chewed gum.
Public hygiene wasn't my first thought, but Henry raises a fair point.

* A considerably less decorous treatment is available here.
** Hamline alum, for those who take account of such things.***
*** Yes I'm looking at you, Recess Supervisor.


Anonymous said...

Interesting article as for me. It would be great to read something more about that matter. The only thing I would like to see here is a few photos of any gizmos.

John Watcerson
phone jam

illusory tenant said...

You may get your wish but keep me out of it. I don't want to see them.