November 14, 2007

Pitchfork waving peasants

Derrick Nunnally, one of the few regularly worthwhile reads at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, cracks me up.

Commenting on a Wisconsin State Journal report of a teenage beer drinkin' party staged at a farm shed in Waunakee that resulted in a stand-off with police featuring an axe and a sledgehammer, Nunnally deadpans, “Somehow, no pitchfork is (yet) part of the accusations.”

Perhaps Mr. Nunnally spends so much time with lawyers he's inherited their sardonic irreverence. The right lawyers, that is. As a general proposition, spending too much time with lawyers can come to no good at all. Or so I'm told by the girls I go out with.

1 comment:

capper said...

Would said pitchforks come with torches included?