November 21, 2007

The bumper sticker Nazis

I couldn't resist having a peek at the apologia pursuant to the purportedly parodic defacement of this bumper sticker after reading Milwaukee journalist James Rowen's interesting post here.

Among the apologists is Rick Esenberg of Marquette Law School, who writes:
But appropriating the symbols of these traditions and assembling them into a command that is probably most often expressed by people who do not follow (or follow loosely) any of them strikes me as patronizing.
And this suggestion isn't?

Like an addendum to a construction contract that both deletes and adds an equal number of Allen-Bradley limit switches, I'd say the patronizing v. patronizing here is what we call “a wash.”

It's funny, because I know a lot of, for example, non-Christians who conduct themselves in a manner more in accordance with the admonitions of the founder of said religion than most of the ones who parade their alleged Christianity like a Macy's balloon.

Personally I prefer less hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance and more intellectual honesty in a bumper sticker:

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