June 3, 2010

Rand Paul still hiding from David Gregory

While the lolbertarian/Tea Party/Republican superstar Rand Paul remains secluded in his 13th floor fortress at the Heart of Atlanta Motel, some commentary from Marquette law prof Edward Fallone.

And, it's official:
Louisville Democratic Sen. Gerald Neal introduced the resolution last Friday during a special session on the state budget. It was adopted without objection in the predominantly Republican chamber. Neal said that [official Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Rand] Paul's extreme beliefs have made Kentucky "a laughing stock."
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John Foust said...

Prof. Fallone seems to spend more time explaining what liberals and libertarians think, rather than any conservative position that might bless regulation. Why is that?

As for contemporary examples, I'm also surprised he didn't mention the externalities floating around the Gulf basin.

Once a hopping place, now a Hilton.