June 4, 2010

Feingold on the sad state of advice and consent

Russ Feingold: I found [U.S. Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan] more forthcoming in my meeting with her than the last three: Sotomayor, Alito, and Roberts. They're all real smart. But the other three — two different presidents and their staffs coached them to say nothing. And it really seemed to kind of make a joke out of the process. And I even had some direct words with [Kagan] about — because I thought she was more open than the others — there was a question or two, a private question about her views in the past and she said this and that and I said, 'Y'know, this is sad. You guys aren't even allowed to say what you really believe, because of this phony process.' It's dumbed down the thing to the point where at least it's good that the American people can see the person, we can ask them questions for a couple of days, but that's it. For life. And it really is sad that things have gotten this partisan and this difficult.

Oshkosh Northwestern (editorial board video @ 6:10)

You can pose a question to Elena Kagan through Sen. Feingold here.

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