April 7, 2010

Remembering Don Blankenship

The CEO of Massey Energy:
Blankenship set up a § 527 organization called "And For The Sake Of The Kids" which aired teevee ads that attacked Benjamin's opponent, then-incumbent Justice Warren McGraw.

The ads stated, "Letting a child rapist go free? To work in our schools? That's radical Supreme Court Justice Warren McGraw. Warren McGraw — too soft on crime. Too dangerous for our kids."

Blankenship also coordinated a letter writing campaign to the State's physicians, ostensibly appealing to their business concerns over medical malpractice insurance premiums, but actually asking them to help "get rid of a judge ... who let a rapist of children out of jail."
You think Wisconsin is bad, 07/28/08

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Free Lunch said...

So bad that even the US "Corporations are people, too" Supreme Court thought that WV's Supreme Court needed ethics.