November 7, 2009

Paper defies, then gushes over Palin

The press was barred from the former AK Gov's appearance in Westallica last night, but the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel sent a reporter anyway, who came away with these airy impressions.
She has kept in touch with tens of thousands of her admirers through online social networking tools.
"Emceed by WTMJ-AM radio personality Charlie Sykes ... visit is days before her book is released ... less than two weeks before the release of her memoir 'Going Rogue' ... Palin said, 'Wisconsin, you went rogue'* ... stunning rise ... a potent force in national politics ... the Wisconsin event was a dress rehearsal for Palin's book tour ..."

Front page news. Why bar the press when it's so eager to assist you with your PR and push your book sales? No crowd estimate, however.

Perhaps that missing tidbit is part of the deliberate fawning.

* A nod to Gableman?


Anonymous said...

The WRTL couldn't have written it more obsequiously. That Glauber is a joke and so is that paper.

Ken said...

Thanks for reminding me why I stopped subscribing to the JS.

xoff said...

I just read that embarrassing, promotional, rah rah Palin piece half an hour ago and was going to write about it after my gag reflex wore off. Thanks for saving me the trouble.

Grant said...


Ken said...

Jonathon Martin at Political was there, too. Compare and contrast:

illusory tenant said...


"Democrats are afraid of her."

I thought Democrats want her to run for president.

Ken said...

In the line on the way into the event, a gentleman wearing a Harley-Davidson fleece pull-over and jeans joked to his friends that he was going to ask Palin to marry him, summing up his devotion this way: “She thinks like I do, she’s absolutely gorgeous and Democrats are afraid of her – what’s not to like?”

I'm afraid that if Palin runs, the GOP will become as relevant as the Whigs.

grumps said...

Crowd estimate was 3.8 million