February 15, 2013

Fierce Walker appointees stall Prosser prosecution

Reports Patrick Marley:
Franklyn Gimbel said Thursday he has given other options to the Judicial Commission on how to proceed with the case, but he was told not to pursue any of them for now. . . . Since Gimbel began work on the case, the makeup of the commission has changed so that it is now controlled by Walker appointees.
I call that an "appearance of impropriety," a legal concept for which several of the Wisconsin Supreme Court justices show little regard.

Read the whole story. It's amazing.
Some legal observers said the effort should be directed at the chief of the appeals court, because State law says those courts' chief "shall select the judges" on the judicial panel and does not specify a role for the Supreme Court in establishing the panel.
I suspect one of them may have been me.

P.S. Where's the Gableman prosecution(s) at?

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