July 5, 2012

Follow the PolitiFact logic

PolitiFact grants Willard "Mitt" Rmoney a "Mostly True" for misrepresenting a decision of the Supreme Court because Rmoney is a politician: "PolitiFact focuses on political speech rather than legal speech and judged by that standard Romney is pretty close to accurate."

Haha. Can you believe that? What difference does it make who said it?

If it's false it's false.

Earlier: WSJ calls both the payment and the penalty taxes


Anonymous said...

"Politifact is an organization interested in and successful at finding truth in politics."

After even a cursory review, this claim doesn't hold water. Taking pains to find constant equivalence between the "two sides," the organization goes out of its way to avoid making controversial assessments that might paint reality in too harsh of a light.

I rate the claim false.

illusory tenant said...

Apparently "PolitiFact" is a straight-up oxymoron.

blue cheddar said...

I missed this. Thanks for blogging on it - I think. This actually hurts my head.